01. Nell-Tokyo
02. The Pillows-Hybrid Rainbow
03. San E-Wish You To Be Unhappy
04. VIXX-Love Letter
05. Davichi-Be Warmed
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Welcome To The Digital World..
Hi, Im Paula, im 22.
Basically multifamdom, but still have my favorites like cnblue. Love anime, but haven't had tima to watch it as before.
01st Agosto 2014
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01st Agosto 2014
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Dolce & Gabbana Models hit on you… on Helium! (x)

01st Agosto 2014
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Saw this today and thats right!!

31st Julio 2014
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"'Things usually work out in the end.'
‘What if they don’t?’
‘That just means you haven’t come to the end yet.’"
Jeannette Walls, Glass Castle (via larmoyante)
31st Julio 2014
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31st Julio 2014
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31st Julio 2014
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don’t you wish you got to ride Disco Pang Pang with Block B?

31st Julio 2014
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This was a crazy pigeon that was pestering a cat, but I want to believe there are flying cats in Russia.

(via Barselonna) On a side note, you suck at cat, cat.

The cool thing is that in the first photo, the wings not only match in colour, but look as if they’re be the perfect size for a winged cat.

31st Julio 2014
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30th Julio 2014
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Everything is gonna be daijobu